Tuesday, June 24, 2008

somedays are yellow, somedays are blue and somedays just plain stink

as mentioned in previous posts, i am horrible at planning ahead. recently, i realized that much stress and anxiety could be reduced if i actually did plan ahead. so, with steve being out of town for two weeks there was no time like the present to give this novel idea a try. with a rough sketch i planned out the next two weeks in my journal. it was going to be great. i had at least one adventure planned for each day that steve was gone and i was quite proud of my accomplishments. as steve drove away, i could hardly wait to get started.

our first trip was to the mulick park sprinkler park. the weather wasn't exactly as i had planned, but it would suffice. we were not five minutes into our walk when i heard a scream come form gibson's side of the stroller. partially annoyed i stopped to find out what the big deal was. gibson claimed that he had sand in his eye and couldn't open it. when none of my trouble shooting worked i asked him if he could wait until we got to the park for me to take a better look at it, secretly hoping he would just forget about it. forget about it he did not. he did not forget about it at the park. he did not forget about it when we got home. he did not forget about it after his nap, nor did he forget about it when he woke up this morning. it was at this point that i realized my day two plans for the library were going to be scrapped for a visit to the doctor's office.

i sat in the waiting room selfishly, hating the fact that we had almost made it one month without a visit to the doctor. so close. i even had plans to spend our extra medical money for the month on something new for me. no such luck. there we sat waiting for gibson's name to be called. all of my negative feelings were forgotten when i saw it was joel that would be helping us today. he greeted us by asking if it were a holy day today (because he knows we get sick on all holidays and holy days). which made me smile instantly. i was starting to feel better. we got to visit with joel and we will be in and out just like that. we would get gibson's eye checked out and be on our way. not so much. a new doctor examined gibson's eye. after holding him down for several minutes she proclaimed that he had a corneal abrasion. lovely. the treatment...goup in his eye three times a day (because that is so easy when you are alone), a patch worn at all time (did she know we were dealing with a three year old?) and come back tomorrow for a recheck... day three plans now scrapped....

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