Thursday, February 7, 2008

gibson is three!!!

Where has the time gone? Gibson is three. That is just crazy. It feels like just yesterday when he would cuddle up into a tiny ball and sleep on my chest. Ok. On some days though it feels like he should be ten. He is one ball of fire that drains my energy. Seriously. Gibson is three. And what a three year old he has become. He now has moments, just moments...mind you, that he can reason through something. We have had breakfast, lunch and dinner with his immaginary friend Hunter. He makes toast, turns off the lights and picks up after me. And his commentary leaves us fighting back laughter and searching for any piece of scrap paper to jot down his musings. Temper tantrums still live on...not as many though. Whinning Gibson still shows his face...not as loud anymore. And the wheelin' dealin' man still persists...a bit more realistic now. We have to say that we are enjoying the three year old Gibson thouroughly.

At his well child visit today Gibson weighed in at 30lbs and 36inches. Leaving everyone in the room cheering for his recent good health and significant growth spurt. He may still be small in stature, but Gibson's personality is larger than life. May he always celebrate his heart and the special boy God made him to be.

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