Tuesday, February 19, 2008

first date

tonight was an exciting night. gibson and i had our first date. steve and i have decided that we are going to each take gibson and elliott (eventually) on a special date once a month. since having two kids, it seems that we rarely have one on one time with them separately and have made them one entity. this is a bummer because they are each their own person and we often miss out or are too overwhelmed to notice their endearing qualities.

in the spur of the moment we decided tonight was the night to start. in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone our first stop was snip-its to get gibson's hair cut. he loves this place. videos are playing everywhere, battery opperated toys always within his little reach and most importantly a bebopping machined that fantastically delivers a prize at the end. i like it too. with each haircut, the nice lady always asks me...is he always this good?...and i pretend he is.

after our thrilling adventure in the land of bribery, we went to starbucks for chocolate milk. gibson politely ordered chocolate milk with whipped cream and stared wide eyed as his beverage was presented. we sat at a large table and sipped our drinks over a game of checkers. gibson made up the rules as we went and the conversation flowed.

as bedtime quickly approached gibson left without a fuss and stopped at the counter for the sweetest interaction with the starbucks worker. it went something like this...

m: gibson why are you stopping?

g: i am going to ask the man if we can take our drinks home. (in a whisper)

m: ok

starbucks man: can i help you?

g: may i please take my drink home?

sm: well of course

g: thanks

finally, as we were approacing home and i ran out of stories to tell him, gibson broke the silence.

g: momma that was a good date

m: i agree, i had fun

g: i'm going to sleep well tonight

m: why is that?

g: we had a good date, that's the reason.

i think i needed this date more than he did. thanks gibbers for a great time. i can't wait until next time.

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  1. Heethuis Party of Four
    I can't thank you enough for sharing your blog. I had so much fun reading about your family. It is fun to hear about all the "small moments" that mean so much and will be long remembered because of your organization and dedication to write it all down in this blog. I love each and every member of your "party of four" Look forward to future posts.
    Aunt Kris


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