Monday, June 9, 2014

River Adventure

There are moments in my life where I wonder, how in the world I get here?

Steve and I have very different personalities.  Steve is an extrovert, loves adventure, and an optimist to boot!

I, on the other hand, am an introvert {who loves people}. I am more on the conservative side, and I have a pretty clear vision of reality. 

So when it comes to family fun, I have learned to let go and try to celebrate Steve's sense of adventure. 

This weekend we found ourselves headed North with two kayaks strapped to our mini van. {we like to imagine it's a Subaru...don't burst our bubble.} 

Unlike our previous river adventures we had a three year old in tow this time, who seemed to be up for the adventure. With our box of crackers, paddles, and a robin's egg we found in the lake {yes. I knew the egg was going to eventually break. yes. I said, sure let's take it along anyway} we were on our way.

In true Steve fashion, he stumbled upon a place other than our original destination and instantly made friends with the owners.  While Steve and Gibson were getting the ENTIRE history of Henry's Landing, Elliott and I explored the store, finding $7 hats and lots to giggle at.

About an hour later {yep, that's how long Steve talks to new people} we were finally off on our river adventure.  

We had some trepidation at first as the river began with some rough waters.  But once we were past the fast moving ripples we floated, fished, caught a PIKE! transferred Finley from boat to boat to prevent toddler burn out, got a little slap happy as we approached hour 3, and all cheered when we saw the final bridge. 

The more and more I surrender to Steve's adventurous side, the more and more I think my true self was made for adventure.  As I sat on the river and watched our party of five, I realized how full my heart was and found my self thanking God that my life has taken this route.

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