Friday, January 3, 2014

Traditions Continue...

The first time we painted our first piece of pottery, Gibson was three weeks old, and we made his "first Christmas" ornament.  His tiny little hand was green and our trip uneventful.  Three years later, we painted Elliott's hand blue for his "first Christmas" ornament.  Now, 9 years after our first trip to Paint a Pot, we finally got to make our final "first Christmas" ornament.... 

Our little artists wasted little time to get started.

They picked their pieces,

began their master pieces,

and smiled




And, in the end, Finley made her very own ornament,

and even walked away with some on her nose.


  1. Great idea -- and adorable pictures!

  2. So sweet! :) From the title I thought this might be about snow of the mountain. What did Finley think of that? Inquiring minds what to know...


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