Friday, October 11, 2013

Showing Up To Now, Instead of Someday

I found myself walking out to our porch the other day saying to myself, someday we will have real porch furniture.

I caught myself and realized that recently our someday(s) may never be someday(s). My someday of buying the porch furniture of my dreams from Pottery Barn, {complimented of course with a striped rug and the most adorable tray table with books stacked high, and subway sign, reading all of our family words,to hang on the wall} may never be my someday.

Instead our the someday I always dreamed of, we may have to sell our house and never sitting on our porch again.  Someday was suddenly put into perspective for us when Steve lost his job.

A fine line was drawn between our wants and our needs.  We are finding ourselves in a space where less is more. We are only living in the moment because trying to live in the someday is more overwhelming than our minds can comprehend.

I realized that if I keep waiting for the someday(s) to show up, I would always be missing the now(s) and never showing up at all.

Today, I decided to show up the the now.  I embraced our green plastic lawn chair, pulled up the rusty metal chair for my ottoman, snuggled in with my cozy blanket and coffee and soaked up the sun, the Indian summer and the now, because I don't know how many more now(s) there will be.


  1. Theresa -- just loving your brave honesty and authenticity in these posts. I bet life inside a Pottery Barn catalog is not all it's cracked up to be. Your porch looks more inviting. :)


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