Saturday, October 12, 2013

Guest Post: Be Like Water

It is day 12 of Showing up.  I'm not even half way there {in this blog series, let alone life}, and I am at the point that I would rather stick my finger in my eye that try to show up anymore.  I am sick of showing up. Showing up sucks.  It's hard.  I'm exhausted.  Excuse the language, but I am freaking tired of having to show up.

So, today, as I am out celebrating my Dad on his birthday, I though it would be appropriate to have a guest blogger write about showing up.

This is the part where I pretend that people like Glennon, Jen Hatmaker, and Flower Patch Farmgirl are my friends, and I call them up to guest post on my blog.

If you haven't met my friend Glennon, head over to her guest post and fall in love.

Be Like Water

In the meantime, I will be showing up with this crazy clan.


  1. Showing up is so very hard. Maintaining the day to day can be physically and mentally draining. Good for you for sticking with it. I pray that your family soon receives the blessings you need.


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