Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finley {21 month update}

Tonight we found these amazing pictures and medical update of our Finley girl in our inbox.

At 21 months Finley is weighing in at 25 lb 9 oz and measuring 33 inches.

She has 6 teeth on the top and 4 teeth on the bottom.

In the gross motor department she runs alone, walks up steps, balances on each foot, throws a ball overhead and kicks a ball.

In the fine motor department Finley dresses herself, towers three blocks, scribbles and uses a spoon and a fork.

And she wouldn't be a Hothouse if she didn't ace the social department by playing ball with the doctor, putting a peg in the pegboard, drinking from a cup and washing her hands and brushing her teeth.

And to top it all off, she has many meaningful words, connects two words together and obeys commands.

Tonight, we rejoice in these adorable pictures and this great news.

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