Sunday, February 10, 2013

project52: Shoes

It was the Christmas of two thousand and seven.

I hadn't had a full night of sleep in seven months, and all I wanted for Christmas was a baby that slept four hours straight and a pair of jeans that actually fit me.

When the time came for this tired Mama to open her brand new pair of jeans, two sizes bigger than she had ever worn before, Steve instead walked to the curtains, pulling them back to reveal.....

A snowboard.

A brand spanking new snowboard.

I wanted to cry.

I had snowboarded once before. Once.

I secretly did not like it at all, but did it because Steve loved it.

And now, much to my chagrin, I was the proud owner of a K2 women's white snowboard with a splash of lavender.

Steve could see through my fake excitement and told me he bought it because he knew that one day  we could take our boys snowboarding, and now I could join in the fun.


Yesterday, one day  finally arrived, as we took our boys on their first inaugural snowboarding trip.

With the sun shining, each of our boys took to the slopes.

As Gibson and I were riding up the chair lift, he looked up at me and said, Mom, this is the best day of my life.

With that, my heart melted, and for the first time I was thankful for what stood behind the curtains on that Christmas day six years before.

They were Shoes I never had any desire to fill, but sometimes you just have to lace them up, face your fears and try something new because one day  you may love it.

Now, lace up your shoes and head to Katie's beautiful post to see the many places her shoes have taken her.


  1. Yes! I read somewhere recently how the things THEY love become the things YOU love. Good job, mama.

  2. Awesome story. :)

    Man, you people are making me want to get out and brave the slopes!

  3. Love this! What a great story.


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