Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project52: Opposites

It is fair to say that my Mom-of-the-Year nomination will be revoked with the coming confession....

I have had no desire to immerse myself in all things Korean.  

We have made Bee-Bim-Bop and sampled kimche at Seoul Garden, but beyond that, it has entirely overwhelmed me to think about Korea and it's culture and history.

It is all I can manage to get up every morning and carry on with my day knowing that Finley is continuing to grow up without us, halfway around the world.

...Until recently.

As the boys and I were moseying around the local library, the boys came bounding out of the non-fiction section proclaiming that they found Korea books.

Their excitement was contagious and their curiosity, inspiring.

The first thing we read about was the Korean flag.

"What does the South Korean flag mean?  The blue and red circle in the middle is called taegeuk, {yin and yang}. It means that everything has an Opposite -like day and night, male and female, north and south- and it stands for the balance in life.  The black symbols near each corner stand for the things that make up our universe: heaven, earth, water and fire."
~Ann Martin Bowler

As we continue to learn more about Korea and our world seems so out of balance, we will remember that everything has an opposite.

For every tear, there will be indescribable joy.

For every fear, there will be Love.

Check out The Terpblog to discover Opposite through Katie's lens.


  1. knocked it out of the park!

    & I'm totally nominating you for mother-of-the-year.

  2. Awesome! And so glad God gave you an opportunity to learn more about Finley's culture AND bless you with the reminder that for every day you're withOUT her, there will be more WITH her.

  3. Beautiful. Hang on for that JOY :)


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