Monday, July 30, 2012

Project Purge: 15 Days of Giving It Up

In the last year, I have found myself in the midst of change.  God has been stirring something within me, telling me that the world is upside down, and that it's not okay. 

My journey in the past year has brought me to places I never expected and introduced me to amazing women along the way.

One of these women,  is Jami, the heart behind Holy Yoga, Revelation Wellness, and the fight for wholeness among women.

Jami, has recently been called to help a cause near and dear to her heart and has invited us to help her with her cause.

Our first mission: Have a garage sale to raise money to sponsor the Manasseh Project at this Year's Art Prize.

And, when Katie and I are called on a mission, we get fired up and have only one choice but to say yes.

So, we did.  We said Yes and have been brainstorming ever since.

And, what we came up with was this

What if...
we went trough our homes and got rid of the "stuff"
 we didn't need & blessed the women of the Manasseh Project?

 we blogged about it?

 we INSPIRED others to join us for the journey?

ENCOURAGED  other WOMEN in other 
cities to do something similar?

in our small part of this BIG world 
decided that We could make a Difference?

we lived SIMPLY to Dream BIG
and gave LOVE?

In the end, Katie and I decided that we could indeed do all of these things, and take the first step in turning the world right side up.  So, for the next two weeks we will be on a mission and want to invite you along for the ride.  We will be posting the nitty-gritty details of how this will work, why it's worth fighting for, and how you can get involved.

Because in the end, we are called to save lives, and if we cannot save them all, why don't we start with just one?

our five...un.tied
our five...un.tied

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