Sunday, May 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

After week one of Menu Planning, I think I am hooked.  For the first time ever I made only one trip to the grocery store, saved money and ate some really great food.

We are ready to kick off another week.  The shopping is done, and it should be smooth sailing from here.

Honey Sesame Chicken, Katie led the way with this one, and I am more than happy to follow for three reasons.
1. It got the Terpstra stamp of approval.
2. It involves a crockpot.
3. Rice.  My #1 pregnancy craving. Enough said.

Pan Roasted Chicken with Green Beans.  This one is an oldie, but a goodie and instead of lemons we slice up green apples to give it our very own twist.

Taco Rice Bowl. Another Kt find, and it has been awhile since we indulged, so it is once again making an appearance on our table.

It would be a normal week if we didn't have some salmon with rice.  And, for an extra special treat we will be having asparagus from the local produce stand.

Find your own dinner Friday.

Sweet Treat of the Week
Last week we had sweet success with Greek Yogurt Cupcakes, and we are hoping for the same with Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream this week.

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  1. ooo, looks yummy! thanks for inspiration, i am definitely thinking about adopting the plan. :)


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