Sunday, April 29, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I have been inspired once again, and I am debuting my first ever Meal Plan Monday.

The shopping is done, the plan is in place, and now all I have to do is pull the trigger at 4 p.m. each afternoon. If I can ignore the temptation and ease of frozen raviolis, my planning ahead will have been worth every minute.

We are kicking off the week with Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers,  The boys say they "hate" black beans, but I am hoping to sneak them in to start off the week with  a score of   Mom: 1  Boys: 0

For the first time in awhile there is nothing on the schedule for a week night, so I will attempt a new dish, Spicy Peanut Chicken Salad, that has had my mouth watering since I saw it pinned for the first time.  I am going to substitute the noodles with brown rice and pray that it is just as yummy.

Our family favorite with be on the docket for tonight.   Salmon with brown rice.  Add some green onions, sweet peppers, avocado, and cherry tomatoes and we all wish there were leftovers.

I will be giving a new Creamy Chicken Alfredo recipe a try.  Apparently spaghetti squash is out of season, so I will be replacing the squash with noodles.

Make your own meal night..... Everyone takes their pick of the remaining contents in the fridge.

What will be on your dinner table this week?

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  1. yay! I love it. don't be surprised if I "happen" to stop by around 5pm...


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