Monday, April 23, 2012

It's All Fun & Games...

...until someone gets a stick in the eye...
The evening was perfect.  The weather was warm. Steve and I were sitting on the back porch.  The boys were building a tepee with the neighbor girl. And, it was just about time to call the boys in for dinner.

Then we heard it.  The scream from your child that sends you running
because it's not your everyday I'm hurt, but it will pass cry.

In a freak accident involving our neighbor girl passing a stick to Elliott, Elliott's cornea was scraped pretty badly.  So badly, that after a trip to the ER, a follow up with the pediatrician who sent us back to the ER, and an emergency appointment with the ophthalmologist, Elliott was sent home with an eye patch and orders not to open either eye until the next day.

Here we were, two days after the unfortunate incident, and Elliott and I were together again, just the two of us, trying to pass the time before he could open his eyes. After spending nearly every minute of this last school year together we were going to have to get creative to make it out in one piece.

So...we tried to get every last grain of rice down to the
 other end of the rice bag.

Elliott attempted his very first bubble, over and over again.

We battled in leg wars, 

and thumb wars.
{although Elliott was a slight disadvantage, I did let him win....every time}

We played Guess this Object,

and watched a movie backwards for the very first time.

And, overall, minus a few stubborn shouts of, I can't take it any longer, we made it to bed time and Elliott could not have been happier to fall asleep and wake up to a new day minus an eye patch.

The very next day Elliott headed back out to the tepee and played in his very first baseball game.  Three cheers for modern medicine and a boy that didn't let a stick in the eye get him down.


  1. Elliott has a really great mama :)

    ...and I'm glad you're back on the blogging wagon!

  2. also...not having to do the word verification thing to comment is brilliant. you should make the switch on your 365 blog too.

  3. That poor boy (and his poor Momma)! Glad to hear he's improved!


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