Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Unexpected Gift

Today, in my email, I found this priceless picture of Finley Grace and was rendered speechless and sobbing.

She is happy, sitting on her own and holding pictures of her forever family.

She is simply beautiful!

I know the wait to hold her in my arms in not yet close to being over.  However, in this moment, I will rejoice in this picture and cherish God's great mercy on my Mama's heart.

*Medical update: With her latest physical we found out that the hole in her heart had "spontaneously" closed and that her hips were normal.  These were the two things that our pediatrician was concerned about, and they are now healed! God is good! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! She is the most perfect and precious little girl! I can't wait for you to hold her in your arms!

  2. She is getting one of the best forever families out there! Get ready, Finley!

    Looking forward to the day when you will hold your sweet girl in your arms.

  3. Wow! Amazing... And love that medical update too. :)

  4. She is PRECIOUS! Seeing that smiling face melts my heart. :)

  5. Love, LOVE, love...priceless! My heart flutters just thinking of the day we get to meet here and be her forever family in Christ. :)

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! You have me in tears now too! :) What a special surprise!

  7. She's beautiful! LOVE her smile! What a precious gift from God! Praise God on her medical update too!


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