Monday, February 6, 2012


.... on Monday, because that's the way I roll,
and Fridays seem to slip away from me.

It has been quite some time, so here is the "best of"
the last few months post.

1. Early Morning Bible Reading
2. Blessed beyond words, by a faithful woman, with bags of clothes for Finley.

3. The blessings continued {as well as tears of thankfulness} with this precious lovey from Katie,
4 and a very generous gift from Uncle Denny and Aunt Lucy.

5. This year I have found myself doing two things I never imagined...crafting,
6. and baking. Who knew?

7. Finley seems so close on a map.
8. A brilliant solution for hanging ties... Thanks for the idea Tam.

9. Our first care package to Finley.
10.  A gift that says it all.

11. A day in the city with Elliott filled with playing at the park, and
12. and yummy hot dogs.

13. Movie Sunday in bed!
14. The boys have been busy working on a project.

15. My first love note from Gibson melted my heart.
16. A glimpse of what's to come.

17. Just another Friday night.
18. Watch out world!

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  1. fun! I love getting glimpses of your life through Instagram!

  2. and here is a link up that starts on Monday's...right up your alley ;)

  3. YAY, my girlfriend Kelly made that fluffy! :) BTW - I love your instagrams, they make me smile!

  4. oh my gosh that love note is so so cute! i love your photos!

    i just started an instagram link party at my own blog, and i'd love for you to hop on over there and help me get it started by linking up!

    thanks so much and i love your blog!


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