Monday, January 9, 2012

It's the Simple Things...

As of late, the weather in this neck of the woods has been anything but typical.  Instead of the blustery, cold days January usually ushers in, we have had mild days filled with sunshine.


In January?

In these parts?

True story. And, the thing about sunshine streaming through your windows on a January day is that it causes even the most occupied Michigander to stop and take notice.

Which, in turn, makes you thankful for the grey days, because without the grey, would the days filled with brightness be so glorious?

And, without the grey, would I have stopped to take notice of Elliott playing with his parachute on our sun-filled bed?

Possibly, but I am almost certain, I would not have grabbed my camera.

Here's to celebrating the grey for making the simple of pleasure of the sun a sight to stop for.

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