Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

Elliott summed it up best as he cried himself to sleep on New Years Eve.
I don't want 2011 to end, because it was a good year.
And, he is right, it was an amazing year filled with
life changing moments and amazing memories.
Here's to 2011...


We said goodbye to Jade
We ate turtle for the first time
I purchased a life changing rice cooker
I Laughed my way through cross country skiing 
We were thinking about Finley, before we knew her name


The boys continued their bathtime adventures.
Steve and I went on a snowboarding adventure.
We enjoyed the blizzard of 2011 and the snowdays that came with it.
Started to get serious about organizing


Steve and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.
I ran my first ever 5k with my partner in crime.
We said goodbye to the truck &
hello to our new van.
I teamed up with Sara in a black & white challenge.


Daddy's work took us to the ballpark.
Elliott celebrated his 4th birthday.
We vacationed in Florida where we soaked up lots of sun.
I joined in on the Martha/Mary challenge.
We welcomed Landon Michael to the family.
Gibson played in his first T-ball game.


Elliott was the star student.
The wait to meet Finley continues.
Steve and I finished the 5/3 Riverbank Run with our closest friends.
Gibson was crowned the fastest kindergartener.
Elliott invited us to his school carnival.
And, we played baseball with our church friends on the day
 Finley was born.


I began an Unexpected Chapter.
We went Back to the Basics.
I got to see Steve's all time favorite band for the first time.
Katie, Kmac and I ran our first 10k.
The "Klein kids" went to a Tigers game.
The boys experienced the biggest Slip-n-Slide to date.


The boys and I toured Chicago while Steve worked.
The boys hit the pool for swimming lessons.
We ventured to Holland to see the street performers.
We enjoyed an amazingly relaxing vacation with friends.
The boys visited with their California friends.
We relaxed at the cottage.


Steve experienced his first ever County Fair.
We took in Tunnel Park on a beautiful summer day.
We welcomed Sloane Elizabeth to the family.
The boys and I caught up Grandpa Dale.
In pouring down rain, we enjoyed the Coast Guard Parade.
I canned tomatoes and peaches for the very first time.
The girls and I got muddy.


I celebrated my 32nd birthday and set out to accomplish 32 in year 32.
InstaFriday was born.
I was able to put my boy on the bus for the first time ever.
Elliott finally got to play soccer.
After much avoidance, I attended my first Pursuit of Wholeness Retreat.
Gibson lost his first tooth.


Steve and I enjoyed some time away on a couples retreat.
I am Pinspired.
I cook my first clean meal.
We take a family date to the Griffins game.
Steve and I see our first a salmon run.
The boys enjoy an Indian Summer.


We celebrate our second trip around the sun.
Katie, Kmac and I run a 15k!
Steve and I are spoiled with another getaway (with the Terps) to see Mat Kearney.
Steve rings in year 33.
The boys see their first dead deer...and are excited about it.
Gibson and Elliott celebrate the 1st snow of the season.


After 28 months of waiting, we meet our Finley Grace.
Our workout groups marks our 1 year anniversary.
I host a craft night.
We enjoy watching Gibson in his Christmas program.
The boys get crafty and make bird feeders and slime.
Gibson turns 7!

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  1. I LOVE it! What an amazing year and your pictures are beautiful!!

  2. What a big year for your sweet family! I bet 2012 is even better!


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