Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Impromptu Photo Shoot

What started as a desire to take one picture after Gibson's Christmas program, turned into an impromptu photo shoot that involved only goofiness.   After several shots, it became evidently clear that I am surrounded by all shades of crazy. 

Other observations from our shoot:
a. I apparently only have one goofy face {tilt head, stick out tongue}
b. The Pulp Fiction, two finger, modified peace sign,  
must be the "it" thing to do in first grade.
c. Steve naturally gravitates toward the "strong man" look.
d. I am one blessed girl.

And, because I know we aren't the only family with crazy Christmas pictures,
I am trying out my very first Linky Party.  I'd love to see your family uncensored.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Theresa..

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. The family has been crazy down with a cold/flu bug so no pictures allowed right now, bad OR good. ;) Sorry we missed your linky party. Let me know when you have another one. :)



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