Monday, December 19, 2011

The Great Ice Dig

A few weeks ago while searching for kid friendly activities on pinterest, I stumbled
upon this clever idea.

It looked right up the boys alley, and it was something we could do without having to 
run out to get supplies. 

So, with a quick hunt in for a bin and random, small toys in the toy box, {to freeze in three different layers} I was on my way to having the boys entertained with some
good 'ole ice mining.

The adventure started with a hammer, a nail and ice flying everywhere.
The uncooperative ice proved to be frustrating,

until the boys solved their problem and pulled out their shades.
It was smooth sailing now that they were sporting their shades....
However as the duration of their ice mining adventure increased, 
so did the coldness on their little hands.

So, out came the gloves.
Now, it was time to get down to business.

With each slam of the hammer, ice sprayed all over the kitchen,
{Note: Common sense should have told me that this should be a summer activity}
and the boys retrieved one more treasure that was buried within the ice,

proudly pulling out each rescued toy as if it was the first one.

Which made the ice catapulting all over the kitchen and the massive amounts
of water covering the floor totally worth it.


  1. so fun! I'm totally doing this! summer...outside ;)

  2. Love this! We did one with frozen fruit once inspired by Sid the Science Kid. The fruit was mushy and they wouldn't eat it. Toys... so much more fun. :)


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