Monday, October 31, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Seed Battle

This year's pumpkin carving took an unexpected turn as we decided to try not one special pumpkin seed concoction, but four.  And to spice things up even more we decided to do a blind taste test and rank each special recipe.

In cup #1 we had a cinnamon and sugar mix.

Cup #2 had sea salt only.

Cup #3 sported Lawry's salt.

And, cup #4 was the most complex of all with
a combination of garlic, sea salt and pepper.

After careful consideration and lots of pumpkin seeds we came to a unanimous 
decision that the winner of our great pumpkin seed showdown was.....

Cup #1:
Cinnamon & Sugar.

What is your favorite pumpkin seed concoction?

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