Friday, September 16, 2011


It's time to gather all of my Instagram photos for the week for my first InstaFriday post.

I first saw the idea on this inspiring blog, and I was drawn to the idea instantly, snapping instagrams immediately. Then Katie led me to this linky party, and I knew it was it was my chance to join my first ever linky party. 

Year 32 is for trying new things...right? So here you have it, our week in photos. 

1. Gibson finally looses his first tooth.
2. Road trip with the girls, Ikea here we come.
3. HomeGoods, who knew such a fun store existed?
4. The chair I never thought I'd buy.
5. Waking up to the Keurig ready to go, thank you sweets.
6. Katie, dramatically looking into potential new furniture.
7. Fake plants, fake plants and more fake plants...can't leave Ikea without them.
8. Wait, where did we leave the cart?
9. Mmmm...cinnamon rolls!
10. Bethany taking a break during our six hour shopping session.
11. Oh, my.
12. Adding an ice cream cone to our cinnamon roll.  Why not?
13. Tree house fun with Soyboy.
14. Tooth #2 bites the dust.
15. Eating carrots with my Elliott.
16. The first socks of the season, and they feel so good.
17. Homework time.
18. Notes from Daddy.

I linked to Life Rearranged.
life rearranged


  1. thanks for including the one of me inspecting the tag at Ikea (apparently I was drunk).

  2. Great Photos! That chair is awesome! Also LOVE the socks! It is almost sock season again!


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