Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faith of a Child

Death seems to be a recurring theme in our house.  It is nothing the boys are afraid of, they just speak of it and Heaven often.  For instance, they will often say, Mom, will you be dead when I am a grandpa? or Elliott, I get to go to Heaven first because I am older.

It sounds horrible to speak of, but I find their assurance of God's promise of an eternal life comforting.

Tonight, however, our dinner table conversation took a twist it has never taken before.  I think the conversation started with Gibson asking if he would be alive in 1,000 years or would he be in Heaven.  He then out of the blue asked, Where do people go if they don't go to Heaven?  To which I promptly looked at Steve and gave him the 'that's all you' look.

Steve in a very eloquent, kid friendly way explained Heaven and hell, God and satan and said that the only way to Heaven is to believe Jesus died for our sins.

They both nodded nonchalantly as if to say that it was a no brainer when Elliott piped up and said, hell would be so bo-wing.

And Gibson then changed the subject to tomatoes...because when you have the faith of a child no further explanation is needed. 

Love those boys.  All three of them.

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