Thursday, August 19, 2010

church shorts

i chose a battle this morning that i don't usually choose.

i asked my boys to wear shorts that were not their usual soccer shorts, but ones that actually have a zipper.


i know. it's a big deal to a boy. but i'm starting to gear up for teacher mode and for some reason this was something i wanted control over.

the battle was on. gibson tried negotiating, diverting, and anything he could think of to spare himself from the dreaded, church shorts. but as he should already know this was getting him nowhere.

even elliott realized this and quietly put on the clothes i had laid out for him, and went on his merry way to play outside because he was dressed.

gibson, on the other hand was not about to give up.

however, like elliott, i too went on my merry way and tried to ignore gibson's antics.

i happily turned on my blow dryer and tried to find a bit of calm. and as i was enjoying the white noise that was now surrounding me, i saw something out of the corner of my eye. a slip of my notepad paper just slid into the bathroom. a few seconds later another one, mysteriously came zooming around the corner.

as i took a closer look at the message i was being sent, i saw this and asked gibson what he would like to tell me. and in a stern voice he said, read it.
oh, i wished i could have, but unfortunately, this was not in a language i am familair with.
irritated that i could not read his message he finally gave in and told me it said, I DO NOT WANT TO WEAR CHURCH SHORTS.

and thanks to the dear friend who bought me this notepad, i remembered that i need to look for beauty in everything and was able to laugh and see the beauty in my son's independence and sheer will.
and in a few short minutes load him into the car wearing shorts with a zipper.

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