Sunday, January 17, 2010


for my birthday, a couple of years ago, steve got me this wonderful book. a book about a self-conscious moose who compares himself to many other animals and never quite measures up. could it be that my husband was trying to tell me something? indeed he was. in his usual and inspiring ways he found me the perfect gift that spoke to my heart.

we dug this book out again today, and once again it's message reminded me of an important lesson. a lesson worth sharing...

after the moose moaps around for long enough the book story ends like this...

agate almost in tears.
his friends see he is really blue.
you're just like us, agate, you big galoot.
if we are gems, so are you.
just do what you're good at,
like being a moose,
and remember this simple rule:
let yourself shine,
and let others find...

you're a
secret jewel!

this is a picture of an actual agate stone. agates are known as nature's hidden artwork. they have a plain rough surface, but once polished reveal beautiful rings of crystals that grow one layer at a time towards the center, making each stone a work of art, reminding us to look for the secret treasures in ourselves and others.

may you find your hidden core. i know i have some polishing to do.

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