Monday, January 4, 2010

birthday boy

i had everything figured out, until i had kids that is. i scoffed at parents who gave their children suckers in the grocery store, never quite understood why moms would snap at their children and always wondered what couples were thinking when they planned to have a baby around Christmas. this stuff could be planned, right?
well, lo and behold, God gave us a lesson in who was in control when we were given the best Christmas present ever, our gibson jack. and it is hard to believe, but our surprise Christmas present just celebrated is 5th birthday! (pictures to come)
i have always worried that his birthday would be overshadowed by the Christmas season. we make sure he gets birthday wrapping paper, my family generously adds a Christmas eve birthday party to their hectic holidays, and we try to make his birthday as normal as possible.
this year i asked gibson how he liked having his birthday near Christmas. with a confused look in his eyes he replied, "i like it because it is next to Jesus' birthday and they put a tree up for my birthday and his."
tonight elliott asked if he could have a Christmas tree for his birthday too. i guess it's all in how you look at it.
happy birthday to our transformer loving, lego building, sledding master, swimming fish, knight in shining armor, tickle trickster, creative thinking gibson jack.


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