Monday, September 28, 2009

culinary connoisseur

there are many talented people out there, especially in the culinary world. although i strongly dislike cooking, i am drawn into food network, rachel ray's magazine and blog recipes, and i secretly want to be paula deen when i grow up. i would give anything to be able to whip up a mean anything. instead this is what i a capable of whipping up...

peperoni pizza on a hamburger bun

for all those who are desperate to get their hands on the recipe, here it is...

8 day old hamburger buns, smoosh flat and lie them on a baking pan

top with squeezable pizza sauce

sprinkle colby jack cheese on top (mozzarella would be best)

carefully place two pepperonis on top

bake at 400 degrees until you smell burning bread

voila! enjoy!


  1. I think I could join you in the "wanna-be" cooking club!

  2. Man...those look good! You should see my skillet goulash! :)

  3. We had hamburger pie today. I can honestly say the twins didn't even try a bite!


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