Thursday, April 23, 2009

have patience, have patience....

there is a song that steve likes to sing to me and the boys...often unfortunately, It goes something like this. have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry, remember, remember that God has patience to. a song that i find highly irritating because patience is not something i have an abundance of, or even a lot of. i love the time that i have had at home with my boys, but let me tell you, there are times when i wished i was at work. and today was one of those times.

today the boys and i had a great start to the day. we played outside, got some chores done. it was great until lunch time that is. it seemed that as soon as the clock struck noon the boys had a sudden hearing impairment and could not hear anything i had to say. they wouldn't eat. they wouldn't put toys away. they were antagonizing each other. even after several time outs their new found special need still existed. so, finally i had had it. nap time. no books. just the boys and their beds. as i carried elliott to his crib i told gibson, "if i have to come back down to get you, you will get a spanking" (which is, for the record something we don't do). he in turn laughed and said, "'s not my birthday." and he continued to laugh all the way to his bedroom.


  1. Ok, so first I was saying to myself "it is frustrating when you don't have any patience left and someone is telling you to be patient." but then by the end of the story I was laughing! haha, Gibson is so funny!

  2. We too, sing that song in our household!


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