Friday, April 24, 2009

earth day pledge

earth day seemed to sneak up on us this year, leaving me with no time or plans for acknowledging it with the boys. that is why i was so thankful to see that gibson's teachers were on the ball and planned their whole day around it. as i walked down the hallway to gibson's classroom, i noticed that hanging on each locker was what appeared to be a self painted world with a promise to help the world written on a hand print. what a great idea. walking down the hallway, i read what the promises were...i promise to pick up trash. i promise to turn off lights. i promise to throw away trash. i promise to reuse. so sweet.

by the time i had picked up gibson i had forgotten all about the cute craft. we followed our routine as usual. gibson got his lunch box. i put on his coat. shoved carefully placed his arts and crafts projects into his bag and off to home we went. we ate dinner. read books and went to bed.

the next morning gibson woke up insisting that we had to plant a tree. what? after last year's fiasco. i tried everything to distract him from this tree planting idea, when finally he told me, but mama i promised.... at that moment i realized what was written on gibson's hand print. i pulled it out of his bag and sure enough....

so, planting a tree it is. three days later he hasn't forgotten. it looks like we have a weekend project to attend to. leave it to gibbers pass up the easy stuff. pick up trash? turn off lights? no. he promised to plant a tree. a promise is a promise.


  1. I'm sure it will go much better than last year! Have fun!!

  2. Hopefully it won't rain too's raining cats and dogs right now out my window!


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