Sunday, April 5, 2009


as the boys get older and interact more and more, i am amazed at the conversations they have. it's just gibson and elliott in their own little world, talking about the matters of their heart. tonight as i was getting dinner ready, i heard the boys playing in their fort. they were laughing and playing as usual when i heard gibson say, elliott, do you want to be God or do you want me to be God? i looked at steve wondering if he knew what they were talking about, and he then informed me that is how they decide who gets to turn the light on and of in the fort, because only God has the power to do that. i love my boys.


  1. Aww, that's a sweet anecdote!

    (PS- I've been completely addicted to one of the blogs on your list. Angie Smith's. What a heart-wrenching story!)

  2. haha, i seriously just laughed outloud! I love your boys too

  3. Too cute. Hey...I want to call you soon. We just found out Jadon needs tubes in his ears and I want to ask you some questions. Hope you are enjoying your Spring Break!


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