Friday, March 27, 2009

big bonk

i have issues. many of them. one of the issues that i struggle with the most is leaving my kids with people i don't really know. i am completely fine with dropping the boys off to daycare and even church, but for some reason it makes me nervous to drop them off in the kid zone at the ymca. i am talking butterflies in my stomach nervous.

i don't know what my problem is. it is the perfect set up. if steve and i wanted to we could drop the boys off and play racquetball, workout or even sit in the hot tub. however, up until yesterday we only had done it november. and unfortunately, after their visit, the boys came down with a week long fever i blamed it on the y and they hadn't been back since.

last night however, steve talked my reluctant self into trying it out again. why not? we could both get in a workout, pick up the boys and all play basketball together. all was well until we stepped into the kid zone doors. immediately elliott began screaming, at the top of his lungs, i want play basketball. little did it know it was a forshadowing of the events to come. guilt immediately flooded over me, and all i wanted to do was just say forget it and take the boys to play basketball. any parent knows, once you give into a tantrum, they only get worse the next time. so, highly irritated i walked out of the kid zone ready to go enjoy my workout.

as i was heading downstairs after my workout i was met by a woman asking if i was theresa, in a somewhat panicked voice, which is never a good sign. i hesitantly replied that i was and dreaded what i was about to hear next. while quickly leading me to the kid zone door she told me that elliott had fallen and hit his head on the lego table. a wave of relief rushed over me. not a big deal he has hit his head a million times. nothing to worry about. i walked in calmly and saw that elliott was being held and had an ice pack over his head. i thought, they are just being precautionary. following their proper procedures. the lady removed the ice pack to show me where he bonked. there staring back at me was the biggest goose egg i have ever seen. instantly, the worse case scenario began running though my head. concussion. inter cranial bleeding. brain damage. and this was all intensified by me trying to get every detail from a woman with a language barrier, the director asking if i wanted them to call 911 and another worker telling me all about her nephew who had a bump three times the size and there was nothing to worry about.

well, after two phone calls to our doctor's office, we were told to keep a close eye on him, not give him any pain meds and to wake him up every four hours for the next two nights. ahhh...and all for a thirty minute workout...not worth it.

i am happy and relieved to report, however, that the bump has gone down significantly and there are no signs of permanent damage. thank you Lord! and we were treated like royalty by the ymca staff receiving free water, a follow up phone call and two children's books out of the deal. ...still... not worth it...


  1. Oh, no! What a big bump! Glad to hear the little guy is doing okay after some time.

    PS- I'm with you on the strangers thing. I'm just a worrier :)

  2. Oh my goodness! What a night you all had! I'm glad that he is doing okay!

  3. Yikes! What a bruiser. It looks like he is going to be one tough cookie!


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