Saturday, March 21, 2009

sleeping with batman

i have heard through the grapevine that each day gibson goes to school, he and his friend decide which superhero they are going to be by what underware they have on that day. so if they are sporting superman underoos, world watch out, because here he comes.

as of late, gibson would rather wear his batman halloween costume from two years ago or his way too tight spiderman pjs than anything else. the other night at dinner he declared, "no, i'm not gibson, your eating dinner with spiderman." and he is not just using his new found powers to save the world, he is also tempted to use them against his brother. he told me in confidence today that he secretly wanted to cast webs on elliott after he shot him in the eye with the nerf gun.

as i napped with batman today, i realized just how precious my little batman is. his imagination leaves me wondering about all of the things he is thinking that he doesn't share with us. wanting to capture this precious superhero napping, i slowly crept out of bed. as i slipped away and quietly opened the door, batman opened his eyes and said, "i need to rest for batman to fight bad people." rest you may batman.

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