Tuesday, March 17, 2009

luck of the irish

gibson woke up this morning overflowing with excitement. his teacher told him that today was st. patrick's day, and that he had wear green. this announcement to a boy whose favorite color is green made all other holidays pale in comparison. so off we were at 6:15 sharp to adorn all of our green attire. his enthusiasm was contagious and left me wishing we were irish. talk about knowing who you are and where you come from and celebrating that with such pride. i decided that even if we weren't irish, today we were going to pretend we were.

we played with stickers sporting little leprechauns and three leaf clovers. we drank green milk and ate green yogurt. and by the time lunch was over we all proudly wore green moustaches and laughed at our lime green tongues.

well as it turns out this st. patrick's day could only get better. my dear cousin humbly informed me that i am irish. oh the irony. here i am praising the irish for knowing and celebrating their heritage, and i am part irish and didn't even know it. i am an embarrassment to the all those who have come before me. and such a shame. so many lost years of not celebrating. well there is no time like the present. and after all my wish came true. how's that for luck?


  1. My kids thought we were having a party today because St. Patrick's Day is a holiday and we have parties on holidays! Funny!

    Your boys are too cute! Love the pictures!

  2. Congratulations! St Patties Day will never be the same-- lots more green beverages in your future.

    Elliot's looking so grown up!


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