Friday, February 6, 2009

we recommend...

kate dicamillo...that is all i really have to say. i have loved all of her books. my first love was because of winn dixie and then tale of desperaux came along, and i fell in love all over again. she adds an amazing amount of charm to each book she writes. i picked up this book again just a couple of weeks ago to read to my students and thought i would give it a try with gibson. with dicamillos traditionally short chapters and frequent pictures, gibson fell in love with desperaux and princess pea instantly. and when i told him that the pages had been nibbled on by the mice in the story, he never looked back. you can now find our copy firmly tucked beneath gibsons arm wherever he goes. and with every chance he gets he asks, "mom, can you read the next chapter?" be still my heart.

...elliott would strongly recommend duck on a bike. when i picked up this book i had gibson in mind, but it is elliott who wants to read it over and over and over again. a clever story with vivid illustrations has mesmerized elliott. each night with his blankie in tow, he crawls into bed to read duck, bike one more time.

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  1. I love Kate Dicamillo's books too. I had to read Tale of Desperaux in one of my masters classes for a literature circle project and loved it. I have yet to see the movie. I was going to read it to my students too!


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