Friday, February 6, 2009

props go out to mcmamma

that mcmamma, she is one creative chica. after being couped up in the house due to below freezing temperatures and a weeks worth of sickness, i was thrilled to see her post her on activities to beat the winter blues. although we are still picking up rice throughout the house, it was well worth the effort.

and after our rice extravaganza the boys were shocked and puzzled when i told them that they could play with snow in the bathtub. they were so into it that they wouldn't even look up for a picture. and i have to say that the clean-up for this activity was much easier!


  1. You guys bring a smile to my face and a (happy) tear to my eye everytime! You are amazing parents. Gibson and Elliott, you are amazing grandsons too! Love you, Mom/YiaYia

  2. You are such an inspiration. I'm sure your boys appreciated your effort even if you're still finding rice between your toes. I went and looked at that blog you linked too...when do you think that woman sleeps?? :)

  3. What fun activities! You are so brave with the rice!

  4. I want you to adopt me!
    And Max of course! He could hang with the Heethuis'! Try filling the tub up with Jello or Pudding next. And CALL. We will be there!



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