Friday, January 30, 2009

what's a mom to do?

i am bound and determined to try and keep gibson and elliott healthy. i buy the expensive orange juice, advertising the label healthy kids on the front label.

i painstakingly cut grapefruit each morning.

i religiously give them their vitamins.

and...everyday, with sheer determination, i clean each hard surface in my home over and over again, hoping against all hope that my boys will stay healthy.

...but they still cough... and cough...and cough...

...and, they still puke. not only do they puke, they puke all over the carpet and me because they are after all just kids and never puke in the toilet.

what's a mom to do?


  1. Sorry to hear you've got pukin' boys! Maybe they need to eat some dirt. Seriously-- check out this article my parents sent me.

  2. I read an article this week about being exposed to germs actually does good things for your immune system...if that's the truth, then why am I always sick? I get exposed to every germ imaginable on a daily basis!! LoL...good luck with the puking boys!

  3. So sorry that your boys are sick. That is no fun! I'll be praying for your little ones and they get well soon and stay healthy!

    Take care of yourself too!


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