Saturday, January 24, 2009

slight addiction

i have a very addictive personality. i currently have a love affair with sweet italian creme, kid rock and the bachelor. my addictions usually go in spurts. i will be obsessed with something for a couple of months and then move on. however, my addiction to books has been long lasting and is showing no signs of letting up.

i crave books. i love the going into a bookstore and just browsing through all of the many, many books. i know i could never read them all, but just the possiblity of reading them lures me in. needless to say i look for any reason to buy a good book. so, when gibson came home from church with idea of having an obeying chart, my wheels started to turn. steve and i decided that after the boys filled up their chart, we would reward them with a trip to schuler books to pick out a book of my their own.

since we have started our new obeying charts we have made several trips to schuler. each time we go, we end up spending hours there. gibson looks at nearly every book, being sure to pick just the right one. elliott usually just plays with the trains and reorganizes the stuffed animals. however, on our last trip, they both made themselves comfy and browsed through books together. ahh, it melted my heart to see them loving each selection they made.

after much diliberation here are the choices they made...

gibson's pick...not exactly a nominee for the caldecott, but you know what they say about kids having a choice in what they read...and we have painfully read every word read it numerous times since our purchase.

elliott's pick...ok, so it was really my pick, and elliott had no choice in the matter, but he was thrilled all the same. after gibson's pick we need some good literature in the house.


  1. I love it! My two love Schulers too, though I'm rarely brave enough to go in. It's always an expensive trip for me.

  2. I hope my little girl loves to read as much as I do! I always have my nose in a book. :) (The Bachelor is awesome, too! Lol)

  3. Ohhhh, I'm much too familiar with Gibson's book choices. We have a bookcase of them! :)


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