Friday, January 16, 2009

remember when...

steve and i often find ourselves asking, remember when? remember when gas was $.99? how could i forget. i was driving a 1990 chevy beretta, in college and my biggest scheduling problem was trying to get into the tanner in between classes. do you recall where you where when you were offered your fist job? i do! i was sitting in a cubical trying to be discreet, while using my contraband cell phone, politely agreeing to either a kindergarten or fourth grade teaching job, praying like mad that it wasn't the one involving five year olds. do memories of your first speeding ticket haunt every time you speed by a parked patrol car? without a doubt. it is kind of hard to forget getting pulled over in front of a house, that is having a party, which was interrupted by the flashing lights, and having to face all the people at the party, because that was your destination. do you remember what it was like just having one child? what? our memories seem to escape us, but fortunately, we sometimes have a glimpse of what it was like.

just this week, gibson got to go out with grandpa heethuis for his birthday. this left just me and elliott alone for a little one on one time. something i cherished so much with gibson, and often feel i have cheated elliott out of. a usual outing like walking through target, had a completely different feel. my attention was not spread thin by having to stimulate two little people but could be fully focused on elliott. we were able to walk through the store holding hands while talking about the bamboo sticks, coloring book characters and the color of the converse shoes that were on sale. i was able to let him explore, touching any little treasure he found. it was refreshing to be able to bond with elliott, talking his talk, singing his songs, and going at his pace. when our time was through, and i was loading him into the car elliott asked in his sweet little voice, "where dibdon(gibson) go?". it was at that moment i realized that although i do not get to focus all my attention on elliott, he has gotten so much more...he has a big brother.

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