Monday, December 1, 2008


a new milestone was reached in our house this weekend. elliott is now asking, why? it started as an innocent little why that was music to my ears, but now it has turned into an endless probe with no end in sight. while elliott is learning all about conversations, the rest of the family is cracking up with the dialogue it is creating. just this morning, as we were backing out of the driveway we had the following conversation:

e: daddy go?

m: daddy is going back into the house to sleep.

e: why?

m: so he can go to work tonight.


m: when daddy works, he makes money for us?

e: why?

m: because we need food to eat?

e: why?

at this point gibson chimes in with is 3 year old wisdom.

g: so daddy and mommy can buy us presents.

e: why?

m: because God said so.

e: why?

I then looked in the rear view mirror to gibson chuckling, in awe of is little brother and elliott chuckling proudly because he got gibson to laugh. All this before we reach the corner. It will be a good day.


  1. LoL...I noticed that at daycare yesterday! Everytime I said something to Elliott he answered with "why?" So cute!

  2. Why? The question that drives you crazy! My friend's little girl used to ask that a lot. They eventually grow out of it. Although some of my 2nd graders like to ask that same question!



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