Thursday, December 11, 2008

my favorite thing

if i were oprah, and if i had a list of my favorite things, my camelbak water bottle would be top on my list. i love it, simply love it. this is saying a lot, because i do not enjoy drinking water. but with this patented water bottle i am now refilling it multiple times a day. i think it is the straw that has me sold. it is spill proof, time proof and dummy proof. the bottle is bpa free too. in fact, i will be buying one for my entire family this Christmas.


  1. I LOVE my camelbak water bottle too! I'm not a huge fan of drinking water, but this bottle is so cool so I drink more water too! Yeah, someone else who likes the simple things in life. Great idea for Christmas gifts!

    Enjoy this last week of school!

  2. I think I want one now, too! I'm not a water drinker unless pregnant; then i drink it all the time! Where do you get these?

  3. Thanks for the info about the bottles! They sound great!

    About the coupons, anytime you want some tips, let me know! I seriously think w/o them we'd be eating mac and cheese and hotdogs all the time!



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