Friday, November 7, 2008

brick wall

it is official. i have hit a brick wall. the combination of raising two toddler boys + stress at school + conferences + an additional inservice + having a house to keep clean + the beginning of a cold has left me exhaused. drained. done for.
wednesday night was the night. i stared blankly during dinner, not participating in any conversation, and fell asleep, on the couch, propmtly at 7:35. it was so bad that steve actually carried me to bed, where i lied motionless until he got home from work at 5:00am...still in my clothes from the day before. i admire people who can just go and go and go, but i my friends am not one of those people. i have tried. i actually need to slow down a bit more. that way maybe next time i won't hit the wall so hard.

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