Saturday, September 27, 2008

yellow, blue and peek-boo

marching to the beat of his own drummer, elliott has found his own way through life. always very obediant, yet defiant at the same time. as he approaches eighteen months gilmpses of his terrible twos are becoming more and more vivid. today for example, after getting out of his 'uh-oh' spot, he went and said 'sorry' to gibson, hauled off and hit him again, and walked right back to his 'uh-oh' spot. and, yes, this series of events occured several times before his hitting spree was over. the kid has nerve. when he has a point to make he will make it at all cost.

while stumbling upon a caterpillar on a walk the other day, i told him, 'say ca-ter-pill-ar" in hopes that i could get any of the sounds out of him. instead i got a resounding, 'No', out of him. i have learned through elliott that the more i want him to do something, the less he is going to do it. God is working hard at resolving my control issues. Hmmm, instead of getting glimpses of the terrible twos, i am getting glimpses of myself. oh, so true.

although elliott may be as stubborn as they come, he is still growing up by leaps and bounds. this week alone he said yellow and blue, and walks around, with his blanket over his head and says, 'peek-boo'. i'll take 'em, when i can get 'em.

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