Saturday, September 27, 2008

God is love

in the book, the wonderful world of boys, it is said that boys will continually test the limits until they are ten years old. are you kidding me? ten? that means that we have seven more years of testing from gibson alone? and this boy is the king of testing.

on his way to 'uh-oh' he told me that he doesn't like me anymore. a light went off in my head and i instantly, tried to be positive, and thought this was a teachable moment. i asked him if he remembered that God is love and that we are called to love everyone. he of course came back with his rebuttal, that God didn't say that. and wanting to get the last word before i walked away, i told him that the bible tells us that God is love.

after his five minute time out (increased for additional poor choices) we sat down to eat. before we ate i asked him to say the truth of the week, 'Jesus loves everyone', and he told me to wait a minute while he went to get the bible. upon his return to the table he opened the bible promptly to the index and himmed and hawed, mumbling to himself the entire time looking for, God is love. Finally, satisfied with himself he pointed to a random page and proclaimed, "here it is, it says (while he reads slowly, pointing with is finger) He then flips the pages until he finds what he is looking for. he stops on the story of Jesus' crucifixion, points to the middle cross and tells me, "this is where it says that God loves us". oh, the faith of a child.

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