Monday, August 4, 2008

where does he get this stuff?

one thing i admire about steve is his amazing ability to think outside of the box. you can't keep him inside of the box...i've tried. his thoughts range from brilliant to just plain crazy, and i love it. fortunately, it seems that gibson has inherited this creative thinking gene from steve. there are many days that i find myself just starting at gibson in awe of something he just said or did.

one day i walked back into the kitchen, while gibson was having a snack, to find that he had stuck the YMCA brochure into his cheese to hold it up so he could read it. i don't think he has ever seen a paper holder... just recently, after putting elliott down for a nap, i came downstairs to find gibson using a sandra boynton book as a tee for his football... i am in awe of his ability to look at an object that the world has identified as a book and see a football tee. i pray that he may never loose that creative, childlike vision.

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