Monday, August 4, 2008

closet cleaning

in our attempt to lead a more organized life, free of clutter and excess, we have the boys at daycare today and are desperately trying to get some tasks checked off of our list. as we were going through our "office"/closet, i found a random paper that i had written down some of gibson's musings along with a to do list and some random calculations and a picture order. case in point...we need to organize. before i shred the paper i wanted to make sure gibson's innocent words aren't lost forever... i have no idea how old he was when he said this but here it goes...

m: "why are you covering your ears while you are eating?"
g: "because i want to hear my pretzels"

g: "mama, my ice cream is cold. warm it up in the oven."

life does happen so quickly and even when we try to capture and remember it all, so many moments are forgotten. may we slow down to enjoy them all.

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