Wednesday, June 11, 2008

no cavity kid

people say that a lot can be determined about a person by their name. if that is the case then i was even more nervous for gibson's first dentist appointment with dr. payne. i hate going to the dentist. i hate it so much that i scheduled the boys flu shots on the day of my last dentist appointment, just so i would be motivated to go to the dentist instead of having to deal with flu shots for both boys. (thanks steve) so, needless to say i procrastinated in scheduling gibber's first dentist appointment and made steve take him. i am an awful mother.

as i waited anxiously at home to hear the dreadful dentist stories, gibson was apparently having a blast with dr. bob. smiling from ear to ear gibson bounded into the house with so many treats from the dentist. steve said that he went all by himself for his cleaning and exam with no hesitation at all, and he had NO cavities.:) who ever said orange juice in a sippy cup was bad for kids teeth anyway? best of all gibson now wanted to brush his teeth at every chance he got. he brushed them day and night producing massive bubbles each time. if you ask me, if everything is determined by your name, i think this dentist's name should be dr. magic.

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