Tuesday, January 1, 2008

we're going on a tree hunt...we're going to find a big one...

What do you get when you combine three toddlers, three infants, cold weather, rain and the anticipation of finding the perfect Christmas tree?....Six praying parents. These components do not seem conducive to a great day, but a great day we ended up having. With the little ones bundled up tight and the big brothers and sister in their sleds we were ready for our adventure.

Our prayers were answered. All of our children were very patient as their parents looked for the perfect tree. Simply amazing. Our search took us to a far off patch of trees. The Jousmas were the first to spot their tree with special needs. Gallatins followed with their pick. This left Steve and I, of course indecisive. We both wanted to please each other, causing all of our dear friends to miss the truck, on a cold rainy day. Needless to say we finally picked one, but we had to wait quite awhile for the next ride in...Sorry guys!

All in all it was a successful hunt. Now our next mission was to keep Elliott out of our freshly cut tree. Good Luck!

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