Tuesday, January 15, 2008

specialist #6

Today we had an appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctor. This appointment was to give Gibson a once over and to determine if there was an underlying cause for his cronic cough and cronic bouts with all germs he comes in contact with. Unfortunately, Gibson is no stranger to specialist.

In Gibson's three short years of life he has seen a neurologist, ear, nose and throat specialist, opthamologist, pulmonologist, immunologist and today the infectious disease specialist. Through all of these appointments he has had an EEG, MRI, spinal ultrasound, two sets of tubes, nasolacrimal duct surgery, cystic fibrosis test and tons of blood drawn.

With all of these proceedures and tests we have learned so much about our Gibson Jack. We know that his brain functions correctly and is anatomically sound. He has moderate asthma. We know he has narrow tear ducts and flat eustacian tubes. He does not have cystic fibrosis or leukemia and he now knows exactly what the lab looks like and cries when he knows that is our destination.

Our medical knowledge now abounds. We know more than we wish about anatomy and physiology. Providentially, we have also learned many things doctors can't put on their lab slips. We have learned that Gibson can charm any nurse, doctor or waiting room attendant...if he is in the right mood. We have learned that a sucker goes a long way and a movie goes even farther. We have learned that we have an incredible son that is worth each and every minute spent in the doctor's office. We now understand that it is not worth worrying about until you know for sure. We have learned that God is good no matter what the result. We have witnessed that there is always another child that needs our prayers. We have learned that we have an incredible support system. And most importantly, we have learned that even if we recieve devestating news about one of our children someday, the are made perfectly and we are blessed with every moment that has been gifted us.

Many tears have been shed. Many nights have been restless and many of scenarios have played out over these frequent trials. And when thinking how much easier it would be if we didn't have to go through all of this, I realize how thankful I am that we have. Our hearts have been opened, hurt, mended and forever changed. May we look at our boys differently. May we realize our strength. May we be fully present in each moment. May we be thankful for all that we have. May we just be.

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  1. Wow. I loved this post. It brings me such joy to see parents love their chidren so unconditionally!!


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