Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Castle

Everybody has a style. The way in which they do things. Some people like to be organized. Some like adventure. Some like a quiet life. Some people like to conform to society while other choose a more rebellious style. Just about to be married, Steve and I didn't know what our style would be, but would quickly find out with our hunt for a house.
Unfortunately, we did not have the luxury to hunt for our dream house, the one in a nice neighborhood, with a white picket fence. On the flip side we were on a hunt for any house that could be paid for by Steve's part-time salary and my subbing income. Good Luck. We looked at some real gems. With our wedding quickly approaching our hunt got more desperate. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Steve thought he had found our perfect house...a foreclosed house, which is code for a cheap house that needs a ton of work. Even my dad thought it was a great house. Anything for a deal.
On the verge of tears, hoping that this would not be a precursor to the way the rest of lives would be, we signed on our castle the day before our wedding. This was the beginning of our style. Steve and Theresa style. Sign on a house the day before your wedding style. Buy a house that is in completes shambles style. Not having a plan style. Sleep on a matress in the dining room style. Chaos style. It doesn't matter how much we try to change our style, we simply cannot. This is us. Love us or leave us.

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