Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Celebrate Life...this is the phrase that continues to surface in my life lately. I recently read a wonderfully honest book, Cold Tangerines, about this celebration of life. On the adoption website that I am so addicted to, I often come across the quote, "Life is not measured in the moments we live, but the moments that take our breath away." It should be easy. We simply need to live in the moment. That is my goal, my dream. Then, life strikes back. Babies cry. Toddlers meltdown. Work demands. Dishes clutter. Appointments schedule. Stress builds. Anixiety builds, and somehow we forget what it is we are supposed to celebrate. It is for this reason that this blog has come into creation. I do not want to be consumed by the stresses that will always exist in life. I want to call them by name. I do not want give them any more time of my precious life than they deserve. I want to remember the pumkins picked, long naps, belly laughs, silly monsters, doggy pancakes and each time my boys say "I love you" in their own special way. This blog exists to celebrate the simple moments in life that take our breath away, moments that are often missed, moments always to remember. Celebrate Life.

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